Mirror Official Music video
January 24th-One56 (West Haven, CT)
January 25th-4333 Collective (Glassboro, NJ)
February 6th-The State House (New Haven, CT)
February 7th-AS220 (Providence, RI)
February 14th-Crunchy Zone (West Philadelphia)
February 20th- Original 13 Cider Works (North Philadelphia)
February 27th-Muchmore's (Brooklyn, NY)
February 28th-*Private Party*(New Hope, PA)
February 29th-State Park (New Brunswick, NJ)
March 7th-The HeadQuarters (New Britain, CT)
March 8th-UNH *Opening For Naked Giants* (West Haven,Ct)

Oh, where has the guitar solo gone? I mean one that really rips for more than just a couple bars. Mandala’s brand of high-octane indie rock, although not explicitly “guitar music,” really lets the instrument shine. The first two tracks, “David Brown” and “Washed Up,” end with some terrific guitar solos that run for a satisfying amount of time and with a gratifying amount of weight. That’s not even mentioning Morgan Fasanelli’s energetic vocals (for fans of Lady Lamb), and the band’s musicianship. This sophomore album is excellent.

Opening track “David Brown” is four minutes long but ends with a minute-long guitar solo, not to mention it begins with a minute of guitar work as well. Even the next song, “Washed Up,” which is only two-and-a-half minutes to begin with, spends its final half focused on  guitar chops. And guess what? It’s fun as hell! When’s the last time an indie rock group devoted this much time to guitar solos, or rather, when’s the last time it’s been pulled off so charmingly? The indie rock guitar solo isn’t dead!

Distractions often interfere with clean getaways. "I'm wrapped up in the thought of you," Fasanelli sings on "It's Better This Time," "I'm wrapped up in the sh*t that you do." Most of the time, the music sides with the flight instinct; guitarist Abe Azab fills space with jangley, articulate patterns, extending chords with jazzy colors. Grooves swing, lope and gallop, while distorted, spacey guitar leads stab in and out.

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