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Mandala began when Abe Azab met Morgan Fasanelli in Waterbury, Connecticut. Facing homelessness at the age of 17, Abe was taken in by Morgan the summer before he went to college. Together at Morgan’s house, they spent endless hours perfecting songwriting and developing the sound that would become Mandala. The debut of their first album, Valley People, attracted a following of dedicated fans, including future band-members, Sean and Chris. Mandala is a band of poets, songwriters, deeply talented musicians, and old friends. Wielding music as an outlet for the situations they faced in their lives, Mandala creates musical experiences love, loss, confidence, and hope. Their close friendships translate into a high-energy chemistry on-stage, sweeping away their audience in soaring melodies and cathartic refrains.

~ peace n’ love, Mandala.





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